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What Does an Order Picking Training Course Include?

Warehouse order picking takes an item out of inventory from a warehouse whenever a customer places an order. Since warehouses are large storage areas, organising the stock to quickly give you access to the required item is crucial for efficiency. However, warehouse order picking is a complex task that requires an LO licence (also known as an order picker license) to make you eligible to pull products from inventory properly. To procure an LO license, you need to take an order picking training course.

Pulling out the correct item from the inventory quickly and efficiently requires a lot of labour, focus, strategising, and the knowledge of high-technology equipment to find and obtain the items from the inventory accurately, safely, and quickly.

What Do You Learn in an Order Picking Course?

An order picking training course teaches you the importance of the correct method of warehouse order picking to make inventory picking and managing easy, efficient, and hassle-free. A warehouse order picking course also teaches you:

1. How to Satisfy Consumers.

Consumer satisfaction is one of a business’s primary concerns, and a warehouse order picking system can either solidify or break your customer’s satisfaction. The correct warehouse order picking method ensures that a consumer’s order is dispatched, shipped, and reached on time. Knowing how to pick orders correctly will also ensure you don’t accidentally send incomplete or wrong items.

An order picking course also teaches how to pull out products from the inventory on time and accurately. Taking too much time to find the right items will inevitably delay the dispatching and shipping processes, leading to an unhappy and unsatisfactory customer. Delivering the correct item on time builds customer satisfaction and loyalty.

2. How to Decrease Warehouse Expenses.

A warehouse order picking course tells you how to manage your warehouse costs by explaining the different strategies to organize your inventory.

3. How to Pick Orders Efficiently

The proper warehouse order picking course will help you learn how to pick orders accurately and without any mistakes. Learning how to pick orders with the right strategies and knowing how to safely and adequately use high-technology machinery will optimise your time, utilise the space better, and make order picking easier for you.

The correct order picking course will also teach you different methods of warehouse order picking to help you sort, find, and pull inventory depending on the order you receive.

4. Zone Picking Strategy

The zone picking strategy organises the inventory into separate physical spaces of the warehouses or “zones” and assigns a unique stock-keeping unit (SKU), such as barcodes, to each zone. The same SKUs are given to different order pickers who would know which order to pull from which inventory based on the matching SKU.

5. Cluster Picking Strategy

The cluster picking strategy assigns the same SKU to similar orders. Giving the same SKU to identical items helps the order picker stay in that specific inventory instead of running all over the warehouse looking for a similar order.

6. Discrete Picking Strategy

The discrete picking strategy is used in small warehouses with a limited workforce. Order pickers who work in warehouses that do not get bulky orders can pick one order at a time, and a single order picker can pull all the orders in a particular inventory.

Final Thoughts

Undergoing order picking training is essential to get an LO license. Order picking training will make organising and managing the warehouse inventory more accessible and efficient.

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