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Winters are that time of the year where the Christmas decorations come out to start celebrating the festivities. They are some of the best times that children remember growing up. Another essential part of winter is the warm and cosy winter wear that makes the holiday experience more comfortable and worthwhile. Winter wear like ear mufflers, a brown puffer jacket, some colourful, warm caps make the perfect holiday gift.

Amongst all winter wear available in the market, puffer jackets are the top-tier items to gift and own. People often find it tricky to navigate the shopping sites to find the perfect jacket. Most of them end up with the wrong kind of jacket or coat, with the wrong fit and even worse insulation. Youngsters today try to purchase clothing not to keep themselves warm, instead to be trendy on the gram. They do not have to suffer buying the wrong items and being cold all the time; instead, they can invest in quality insulated jackets. This article will mention the checklist points to keep in mind while looking for stylish puffer jackets.

The checklist to follow while buying insulated jackets for winters:

The popularity of a black and brown puffer jacket over long grey coats is a testament to its comfort and warmth. They come in variations and new designs that allow users to customise them. It is always better to invest in a high-quality insulated jacket that not only looks good but is also functional. The following points need to be kept in mind while looking for the perfect puffers:

  • Kind of insulation: The jacket insulation can either be a synthetic one or with feathers. The synthetic insulation material is generally polyester due to its hypoallergenic properties and durability. This material allows heat transfer between the jacket insulation layer and the human body while simultaneously preventing heat escape into the atmosphere. Both polyester and feathers trap a good amount of heat from the environment and act as a heat bank. The insulation material determines the cost of the jacket. Synthetic ones are cheaper than feather stuffed jackets as they are more accessible and manufactured in larger quantities. Feather jackets are custom-made and use good-quality feathers. Both these jackets are lightweight, hence are travel-friendly.
  • Colour of the jacket: Many overcoats and jackets come in stylish patterns and exciting colours. The choice depends on the wearer as to what colour suits them best. If it is their first time purchasing insulated jackets, it is always safe to pick neutral colours. A warm shade of brown puffer jacket is a phenomenal choice since it matches any outfit. Blacks and dark navy blue shades are also ideal neutrals to own. White puffers can be tricky to use and maintain since they can stain easily.
  • Stitch of the puff: The puffers come in various styles depending on the stitch type used to create them. The most common design of puffers seen on the streets is square puffs, where the jacket has multiple insulation sections stitched to resemble square bubbles. Several jackets are stitched with either vertical or horizontal puff layers to create a unique effect. They are not only aesthetic for pictures but also immensely warm. The diamond and triangle puff designs are seen amongst high-end designer brands to make a fashion statement. Many runway show models walk the ramp in these geometric shapes puffing on the jackets. Today, several brands have made these style-statement pieces accessible as winter wear for the public. Anybody can look stylish during winters!

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