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Math is such a subject in which students face a lot of difficulties. Students avoid doing maths and try to ignore it. Lockdown has made it more difficult for students to understand maths. It is difficult for the students to learn maths online and are unable to solve their queries. Though it’s difficult for the students to understand maths online, let’s make it interesting. Let’s study such a topic of maths that students are afraid to do so that is volume of cylinder.

Before studying the volume of a cylinder one should be well aware of the shape of the cylinder and what is volume. The cylinder is three-dimensional and has a circular base. The volume of the cylinder that is calculated is the space that is occupied by that cylinder. In simple language, the volume of a cylinder means the amount of material it can carry within it.

The volume of the cylinder can be found using the formula stated as:

           Volume Of Cylinder =  πr² × h


              r = radius of base cylinder

              h = height of the cylinder

              π = value of pi can be denoted with 

                     22/7 or 3.14

The value of the volume of a cylinder is always denoted in cubic units.

By reading or learning the formula we can’t find out how to use it in question. So, let’s solve some examples that can help you to understand the volume of a cylinder effectively.

Example:- Find out the volume of a given cylinder whose height is 25 cm and the base radius is 28 cm. You can take the value of pi = 22/7.

Solution: Given,

                       Height of the cylinder = 25 cm

                       Base radius = 28 cm

                       Volume of cylinder = ?

   volume of cylinder =   πr² × h

   volume of cylinder =   (22/7) × 28 × 28 × 25

   volume of cylinder =   22 × 4 × 28 × 25

   volume of cylinder =   61600 cm3


       Volume of cylinder = 61600 cm3


This formula is used when the cylinder is full but if you have to calculate the volume of a hollow cylinder then the formula used is different.

 Volume Of hollow cylinder = πh(1r² – 2r²)


       h = height of the cylinder

      1r² = radius of the inner circle of cylinder

      2r² = radius of the outer circle of cylinder

      π = value of pi is 22/7 or 3.14


The cylinder is a three-dimensional structure and the surface area is the area that is covered by this structure. It doesn’t have any vertices but has circular bases that are parallel to each other. The surface area of the cylinder is denoted in the form of square units. The cylinder area is equal to the sum

  •  area of two circular bases
  •  curved surface area.
  1. The base area of the cylinder is circular and the cylinder has two circular bases. So,

 Area of two circular bases = 2(πr²)

  • The curved surface area of the cylinder is the curved surface of any cylinder having a base radius and height. It can also be termed Lateral surface area.

Curved surface area = 2π × r × h Square units

By combining both the formulas that are the area of the circular bases and curved surface area, we get the surface area of the cylinder.

Total Surface Area of the Cylinder =

                                           2π × r × h + 2πr²

Total Surface Area = 2πr (h + r) Square units

So, this is the simplest way to understand the volume and surface area of the cylinder. surface area of cylinder formula is the easiest thing you can do.

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