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ID Verification in Online Sectors – A Great Bet to Prevent Fraud

Technology has decreased the workload of employees and streamlined business operations but there is a dark side too. Where it is making business operation easier, also being used by the bad actors to carry out their heinous crimes. Terrorism funding, identity theft, money laundering, synthetic identity fraud, and many other crimes are increasing significantly. There is not any sector that hasn’t ever been exploited by scammers. But there is always a way out and businesses have that too, in the form of identity verification solutions, to avoid criminal activities. 

Identity verification is a procedure that checks whether the clients, employees and other stakeholders are legitimate or not. Manual verification has become obsolete as scammers can easily bypass the verification process. Digital ID verification has become a pressing need today. It verifies identity using the artificial intelligence which can detect any fake documents and prevent the sector from any kind of fraudulent activities. 

Sectors that Need Identity Verification Service

As technology has evolved, so do the heinous crimes. Fraudsters are now using sophisticated strategies to exploit sectors for fulfilling their illicit purposes. This has made digital ID verification an absolute need of the modern age. Below are the online sectors that are being badly exploited by scammers and need robust verification solutions. 

Online Gaming

As digitization has helped the gaming sector generate more revenue, has also made it vulnerable to various fraudulent activities. E-gaming is the latest trend for everyone even for scammers. Targeting youngsters to carry out nefarious activities or using the gaming site for terrorism funding, money laundering is not a tough task for the scammers. Thus, a biometrics Identity verification system is an absolute need to keep criminals away.


In this age of digitization where fraudulent activities are so prevalent, all sectors need robust identity verification and gambling is not an exception. One of the main purposes of criminals to enter gambling sites is to launder money for their illicit means. It is easier to place ill-gotten money where there are no verification solutions in place. Thus, introducing efficient identity verification services help the gambling sector check who are the legitimate players so that they can avoid the sector being exploited by money launders and other criminals. 


Age verification is essential for all clients before they proceed to transactions in the alcohol industry. Otherwise, minors would buy them alcohol that could be hazardous for them. The problem with the manual verification solutions is that they could be easily bypassed by criminals. Thus, the alcohol sector needs an AI-powered verification system that could help them detect minors and prevent them from getting those products that are age-specific. 


All the financial sectors including banks and insurance companies are striving hard to make things easier for their users but fraudulent activities are making it a big issue.  They need a solution that not only provides them with greater security but also offers a great user experience while staying compliant with the KYC/AML standard. Thus, digital Identity authentication is a great choice that not only makes the onboarding a seamless experience for the clients but also helps the sectors keep all the fraudsters and criminals at bay. 


Fraudulent activities are happening even in the travel sector. People are illegally entering other countries through either fake identities or using fake travel agencies. This has made it challenging for the travel sector to adhere to KYC/AMlL guidelines. Thus, the identity theft protection service is a great bet for the travel sector to prevent any fraudulent activities and stay compliant with global regulations. 

Why Online Sectors Need Identity Authentication

  • Online sectors need robust ID verification to comply with KYC standards and prevent themselves from hefty fines.
  • Identity verification helps industries protect minors from using those services or goods that are age-exclusive and could be detrimental to their health. 
  • As fraudulent activities are rising, all sectors need identity verification to protect themselves from being exploited by fraudsters. 

Final Thoughts

With progress in technology, fraudsters have also become smarter to deceive the verification solutions. All the sectors whether it is a healthcare platform, gambling site or a financial firm are being badly exploited by the criminals. Businesses are a target of identity thefts, money laundering, data breaches, and many other heinous crimes. There is a demand for a verification service that could prevent such criminal activities. Thus, ID verification is the best choice to keep criminals away. 

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