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How to cheat on slot casinos?

Slot machines have excellent and lucrative chances to win a huge Jackpot. Therefore, they try to provide these offers to the players to attract them to play the game. In such a situation, it is essential to mention that there were chances of manipulation during the live casino. These changes also exist in the online casino slot.

This article will summarize the essential tricks to cheat on a slot Casino. The best part about these tricks is that even beginners can use them on LuckySloto. Here are few of them to check out.

Cheat code

Online slot casino games are developed with the help of micro-processing software. It also has a random number generator and an automatic payout table to choose the combination of that. This particular software is under the control of the software engineer who has developed it.

But since he is the master of the software, that can be a possibility that he manipulates the game to his advantage. Therefore, it is considered a necessary cheating code for all the engineers who have control of the software. They can also begin black marketing of this process by sharing the cheating code of the software with the other respective players.

Bill validator device

During the time of payout, a slot machine can display the total earnings of a player on a monitor screen. It is considered to be an essential process that can calculate the return of every player and accordingly release the payment to him in the connected bank account. But many times, a program called the bill validator is installed.

This problem is usually installed in the slot machine to manipulate the player’s billing. It is essential to mention in the first place that every player should use this device for generating a visit for himself to his advantage. This means that with an investment of just one dollar, a person can become capable of manipulating the amount of $200 without anybody noticing it.

Computer chip replacement

Slot casino live online are all a matter of software. However, it is essential to mention that a computer operator can use this computer chip replacement technique for manipulating the game to his advantage. It is an essential technique by which a player can ensure a good win. This computer chip replacement technique was used for a very long period.

It gives the control of the random number generator to the operator. That is why the other person becomes capable of controlling the game and displaying only that number which would be helpful in the long run.

Software failure

It is even possible for a hacker to control a slot Casino game online with the help of a straightforward method. It can freeze the machine for a moment to change the result. The combination of the displayed numbers will automatically change if the screen freezes.

That is why it is advisable for every kind of person who has sufficient information about this machine to use this method to his advantage. It is already said that pressing random buttons on the slot casino machine is enough to make this happen.


It can be ultimately concluded that with the utilisation of all these methods, you can cheat and still be permissible within the eyes of the law. It is considered an essential formula for ensuring a success rate of 100% in the game.

It is considered to be a permissible manipulation that every player can adopt. So, what are you waiting for to go and adopt these methods now to make a perfect Win-Win situation for yourself?

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