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How to avoid a car accident in Houston

Will Houston traffic improve?

The short answer is no as the congestion levels keep rising every year. The rush hour traffic is getting worse also, the morning rush hour goes up to a 43 percent congestion rate but in the evenings it is even worse with the congestion rate as high as 60 percent. If you’re looking for any advice, avoid driving at 4:40 in the evening as you will get caught up in rush hour traffic and you should travel after six pm which will save you from being in traffic for hours.

Are there many accidents in Houston?

The city has spent time and money trying to improve and target this issue to reduce as many injuries and deaths as possible but the numbers are still rising nevertheless. The law enforcement in Houston are attempting to solve this issue by improving street signs and lowering speed limits to ensure accidents do not occur. However, despite their efforts, Houston is still the most dangerous place to drive in the United States of America.

How to drive safely

Rush hour in Houston is probably where most car accidents occur so avoid driving at peak times like four and six o’clock as this is the time when most accidents could happen. A quite obvious tip is to avoid going on your phone whilst driving as this can divert your attention from the road but more important texting and driving is illegal in the state of Texas as it is a main cause of most car accidents. Another obvious tip that everyone should be aware of is wearing your seatbelt at all times as they save lives and help reduce injuries in an accident if it ever occurs. Also, unbuckling a seatbelt in a moving car is illegal in the state of Texas. It is important to always stick to the speed limit and they provide a safe driving speed, limiting your chances of being in a car accident if you are driving responsibly. Also following a car too close also known as tailgating can be extremely dangerous as you could easily crash into the car if it stops abruptly.

What to do if your in an accident

If you have been in a minor accident and have not suffered any serious injuries you should move your car out of the way of the traffic and onto the side of the road so the road is kept clear and traffic can keep moving. In some situations you do not always need to call the police if no one has been injured and there is minor damage or if all drivers have their licenses and no drugs or alcohol is involved in the cause of the accident. However, if a more serious accident occurs you should always call the police first, dial 911 and follow any instructions the operator gives you on the phone and always wait at the scene and fill out a Houston accident report at the station.

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