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How Can Delta 9 Help With Your Pet’s Depression?

Pets are lovely, loyal, and members of the family. People usually spend a lot of money to keep their pets healthy, good-looking, and always happy. From purchasing excellent pet food to treating them with care is the priority. However, many brands try to take advantage of pet owners’ emotions by selling a product that doesn’t do anything. There are many examples of dogs, cats, birds, and other animals in the food category. Due to this reason, it becomes hard for pet owners to figure out reliable goods. The primary issue asked by many pet owners to doctors is regarding the use of THC or Delta 9 for pets. Is THC safe for pets? What are the potential advantages?

To make things quick and easy to understand, we focus on the frequently asked question about eradicating depression among pets with Delta 9 and its effectiveness. Let’s get started –

History Of Using Marijuana On Pets

Marijuana extract or oils were already available in the market before the legalization of cannabis in the states. Cannabis extracts like THC and CBD offer positive results when THC is used in the proper dosage. The critical use of THC oil is in treating trembling or shivering issues in dogs and cats. The amount of THC processed by dogs and cats is still lesser than humans, but your pet can handle the small dose adequately.

The positive outcomes don’t take much time as you can find excellent results within the first week of using THC. In addition, many people claim to use THC oil for their pets, and this has been an effective result for years.

Working On THC On Pets

THC stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol, and it is the extract of marijuana. To this date, THC is available in three primary forms, THC biscuits, THC oils, and THC energy bars for pets. These options are mainly known for dogs and cats. When a person feeds their dog THC, then a chain reaction begins. It is as follows –

  • THC enters the body of your pet orally through food or any liquid.
  • Like humans, pets also process what they eat, and THC enters the blood.
  • After attaching to red blood cells, THC travels to the body through the blood circulation.
  • When this blood reaches the brain, it connects to the receptors. As a result, the pleasure center is activated by Tetrahydrocannabinol.
  • In simple words, THC focuses on increasing dopamine production and making them feel good.

Through these steps, you can understand how marijuana works in dogs, cats, and other mammals.

Effect Of THC On Pet’s Brain

If we focus on two specific pets, dogs and cats, it will be easy to understand the topic in detail. Dogs and cats have a higher number of dopamine receptor cells which stimulate pleasure. When THC enters the pet’s body and connects with brain receptor, the following reaction begins –

  • The dopamine production in pets increases slowly as dogs and cats have better tolerance.
  • The increase in production helps your pet relax and lay calmly on the couch or floor.
  • Make sure to stay nearby to your pet so that you can help if you end up giving a slightly extra dose.
  • Once your pet starts feeling the sedative effects, they get the pleasure, and their whole body relaxes.
  • As a result, your pet can feel better and have less depression. Unfortunately, most people don’t recognize this issue, but pets also suffer from depression.

Any loss or the feeling of missing the valid owner of a pet can make them feel anxious and depressed. However, if the same thing continues for a long time, it can drastically affect your pets’ health.

Other Advantages Of THC On Pets

Offering THC to your pet can provide substantial advantages if you consider using an adequate dosage. The benefits of THC on dogs and cats are –

  • Appetite Stimulation – If your pet is having a hard time eating food and doesn’t like it at all recently, it might be an issue of lousy appetite. THC shows the potential to help with appetite and increase the hunger to eat something by boosting metabolism.
  • Offset Anxiety – When a pet faces a near-death situation like an accident, falling from a height, or something else; they can get anxiety. THC can provide quick relief while dealing with anxiety disorder.
  • Anti-Depressant – Anxiety for a long time can turn into depression, which can be drastic for pet owners. In this situation, THC helps by increasing dopamine production and relaxing muscles. As a result, dogs and cats can feel less worried and more focused.
  • Pain Relief – Dogs and cats usually love to play like there is no tomorrow, and in this adrenaline-boosted adventure, they end up hitting things. They might not speak about the pain, but they do feel so. Thus, the use of THC can provide a slight relief as THC has the potential to work as pain relief medicine.
  • Nourish Brain Cells – The nourishment of brain cells helps in healthy living and prolonged life. Of course, pets get plenty of advantages when eating nourishing food, but what about their brains? In such situations, offering THC to your pet can also help nourish their brain cells and veins.
  • Reduces Vomiting – If your pet is having an issue with digestion and it is becoming hard to figure out, then consulting with a doctor is the right choice. However, you can offer a small dosage if your dog has vomiting issues due to stress or depression.

The few potential THC advantages are easy to expect among pets when an appropriate amount of THC is in use.


Whether you own a dog or a cat, Delta 9 can offer many benefits. Dogs and cats usually deal with depression, nervousness, breathing issues, etc. Studies show the practical result of using Delta 9, which can be an effective alternative for supportive sleep purposes for your pet. Thousands of pets have difficulty falling asleep, and delta-nine help in this situation by calming down your pet and bringing positive change.

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