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6 Secrets Of Clean And Well-Maintained Rugs

Carpets are always a nice touch to any room. They’re like the icing on top of the cake or that glue that ties the room together. With a carpet or rug, you have a room that looks good, stays cozy, and, most of all, looks coherent and well thought of.  

However, having rugs also takes a lot of work. Close your eyes, and one day, your carpet may be a shade darker than it was. Or that it no longer looks pleasing, and worse, it smells terrible that even stepping on your rug is just unimaginable. Then, you’re left wondering, how do other homeowners do it? Why do their rugs look immaculate the whole year round? 

Every homeowner can certainly learn a thing or two from homes and hotels that look like they have clean and well-maintained rugs. Worry not, as the secret is out. Below are a few tricks on how you, too, can have those clean and visually-pleasing rugs. 

  1. Vacuum Your Rugs Regularly 

You can’t have a home laden with rugs without owning a vacuum. It’s a must-have in staying on top of all the dirt, dust, pet dander, food particles, and other grime your rug may absorb. Once you start using a vacuum, you’ll soon be able to turn it into your best friend. 

Here’s why. Maintaining your rugs is impossible without a vacuum. There’s nothing like this high-powered machine to suck up all the small particles stuck in the rug’s fibers. Moreover, it makes your life a lot simpler too.

Run the vacuum through the rugs at least after every meal or once a day, and that’s a good enough cleaning routine for day-to-day touch-ups. Do this before washing, and then finish off by dry cleaning it. If your rugs could speak, they’d thank you.

Clean And Well-Maintained Rugs
Close up of steam cleaner cleaning very dirty carpet.
  1. Avoid Using Chemical Cleaners 

The appeal of chemical cleaners is enticing. A quick trip through the home maintenance section of your supermarket, hardware, or department store will instantly welcome you to a wide range of chemical cleaners. They come with all sorts of promises, usually along the line of making your rugs look and feel brand new. 

Those promises have some depth. After using a good chemical cleaner, your rug will have some new life. But it’s not good for long-term use. Many of those cleaners are filled with harsh toxic chemicals that do more harm than good for your rug.  

For example, say you have a hand-woven rug. Those can be badly damaged if you use a harsh chemical cleaner. If you use any cleaning solution, it’s better to use an organic one instead. 

  1. Shake Your Rugs Once In A While 

Don’t be afraid to give your rugs a good shake and lay them under the sun and air, especially when the weather is good. It’s a very simple but effective way to remove any dirt that may have gotten stuck in the rug’s fabrics. It’s easy to do this with small rugs, but don’t stop yourself from doing so just because the rug is big. If you have someone to help you, go ahead and bring it out. 

  1. Go Barefoot 

Pause and think for a moment before you even bring your outside shoes in. Imagine all the surfaces your shoes have stepped on while you’re out and about. If you don’t want your dirty shoes to touch any surface of your home, all the more, should you not let them touch your rugs. 

Make it a household habit of going barefoot at home. If you want to have a form of footwear at home, have designated house slippers. You’re not just keeping your rugs clean but your entire home as well

  1. Clean Stains As Soon As They Happen 

The top culprit of rugs is spills and stains. If you live alone or with adults, then the frequency of those may be rare. But, if you have kids or just hosted a house party, you’ll surely have a few spills here and there. 

It won’t take too much to clean up after spills as soon as they happen, or at least as soon as you notice them. That way, you won’t give them time to settle and stick to the point that they’re hard to clean up. 

  1. Rotate The Rugs Frequently 

Rotating your rugs frequently is another secret to having equal wear and tear. Some parts of the home naturally have more foot traffic than others, so it’s expected that those rugs take quite a beating.  

If the rugs don’t have to be washed, rotate them once a week. This simple practice helps extend a rug’s life, so they don’t have to go through deep cleaning as frequently as they may have used to. 


As you can see, many factors come into play when trying to create a dependable rug-cleaning routine. Moreover, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to this. You also have to consider the specific type of rug you have so you can follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Once you’ve found and developed the cleaning methods that work for you, stick to them. That way, you can maintain your rugs well enough, so they continue to add aesthetic value to your home than the other way around. 

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