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6 Hotel Amenities That Are Becoming More Popular

As society changes, so do the things that make us happy when we travel. Hotels adapt their policies and amenities to meet those expectations and attract repeat guests. The better the amenities, the more impressive their brand name becomes. 

But since COVID, we’ve collectively decided that hygiene, self-sufficiency, and other physical and mental benefits are important. So, hotels have once again adapted to provide indulgent yet healthy ways to meet those demands, particularly for weary business travelers.

What amenities are corporate travelers looking for in their preferred hotels? You might be surprised at these six must-have products and services.

1. Room Tubs and Showers

After a long day of traveling and business meetings, what better way is there to unwind than in a hot tub or under a powerful shower?

Searches for hotels with endless hot water, spacious tubs, and impressive showers are on the rise. Yet, hotels must meet this request with the demand for environmentally-friendly services. 

The solution is an overhaul to WaterSense-labeled fixtures that replace the 2.5 gallons per minute (GPM) standard water with those that produce 2.0 or less GPM. With these bathroom accessories, hotels can offer impressive tub and shower experiences and save money on the water bill.

2. Spas On Site

Just because we want to be environmentally friendly doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy decadence, and business travelers want to be pampered occasionally. Hotels with on-site spas and COVID policies are back in business and, in some cases, busier than ever.

Nomadic workers on extended business trips, corporate employees heading out for conventions, and other travelers enjoy saunas, massages, facials, and more. 

Services they might not take time for while they’re at home become a way to improve their on-the-job experience. And if the spa is in the hotel they’re already staying at, they’re more likely to indulge.

3. Kitchen Accessories

Travelers are innovating to find ways to save money and eat healthily as inflation rises. Instead of eating out at restaurants that are getting more and more expensive, they’re spending a little extra on rooms with kitchen amenities. 

When they get into town, they go shopping locally and make their own meals. Those who don’t cook want in-room refrigerators and microwaves. Business travelers can use their per diems and make their funds go further.

4. Free Parking and Transportation

The economic savings opportunities extend into transportation services. Hotels that offer free shuttle services to popular nearby attractions, like airports and theme parks, have a leg up on their competitors.

Guests can save significantly when using free accommodations instead of renting a car (and paying for parking) or booking rideshares and cabs. The extra cost of a hotel that provides this amenity is offset by the cost savings, which also helps per diems last longer.

5. Wellness Options

The wellness trend was already on the rise before COVID, but it skyrocketed when people began to focus more on their health as a preventative measure. Lodging establishments stepped up to the plate by providing healthier meal options in their on-site dining areas, lobbies, and room service menus.

Hygiene-centered fitness facilities are another wellness opportunity. They’re ideal for travelers to stay in shape when they’re out of their normal routines.

But don’t forget that mental health is integral to overall wellness! Some hotels provide in-room beauty and wellness services to give guests the chance to decompress without leaving their personal space.

6. Contactless Service

From check-in to check-out, travelers want to do everything online. Sophisticated hotel apps and websites make this possible.

With a click of a button, guests can request laundry and room service or choose a new pillow from an extensive pillow menu. Instead of calling for the lobby and sitting on hold, they get instant assistance.

Dedicated staff monitors the chat services for queries. They can chat with guests to offer restaurant recommendations, schedule luggage pick-up and drop-off, or receive complaints. 

The hotel chain gets positive feedback for providing this perk, and they can save money by hiring workers in one central location to monitor multiple branches.


The evolution of hotel amenities looks significantly different than it did a few decades ago. 

Don’t get us wrong: Everyone still loves a free, old-fashioned complimentary continental breakfast, especially when they’re heading out to a meeting. But the hotel’s products and services outside of these mainstream amenities can boost the brand’s reputation.

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