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5 Games To Play With Your Friends When You Are Working From Home

While remote employment isn’t a new concept, the pandemic has caused many firms to migrate their operations to the cloud. 

Many organizations were able to set up and start operating remotely in a matter of days rather than weeks. 

With it came new obstacles that the teams had never encountered before.

Every team, as we all know, benefits from meaningful engagement since it helps to establish connections, create trust, and promote personal well-being. 

However, forming such a relationship might be difficult, which is why some online games could help build connections with your co-workers as you are working from home.

Top 5 Games To Play During Work From Home

You can download these games from Pirate Bay and start playing them. But, before that, it will be better to know a little about these games to decide which one will better suit your colleagues’ mindsets and skills. 

1: Spreadsheet Battleship

Spreadsheet Battleship requires two items from each player: (i). a gaming board and (ii). the deployment of ships. 

For the game board, you may use graph paper with letters and numbers on it and either allocate battleship placement randomly or allow each player to pick where the ships go. 

On each player’s turn, that person picks a partner and identifies a grid square. 

Depending on what transpired, the receiving player says, “you missed/sunk.” After then, the next participant proceeds in line, which might be based on age or geographical area.

You will have to play until there are no more battleships on the page. 

2: War Of the Wizards

War of the Wizards is wisdom and magic-themed cooperative narrative game. 

According to legend, a clan of wizards has been at odds for centuries, and no one knows why. So your people take on the role of wizard’s minions, assisting them in collecting magical goods, casting spells, and overcoming obstacles. 

You may devise a plan to leap across a large abyss or challenge an ogre to a battle of wits. 

The game War of the Wizards is a little geeky but a lot of fun. The game is easy to learn and enjoyable for players of all skill levels. 

3: Murder In Ancient Egypt

Murder in Ancient Egypt is one of our most popular online team-building activities. 

This game motivates your team to work together by using escape room, puzzle, and problem-solving features. 

This murder mystery has a unique twist: the murder is based on a true ancient Egyptian mystery, and when your teams have made their guesses, our master storyteller will unveil the big surprise. 

Murder in Ancient Egypt is a fully facilitated 90-minute event. They provide an engaging host who will keep your team interested, as well as a co-host who will handle the technical components. 

The event is both enjoyable and demanding.

4: Five Clicks Away

Five Clicks Away is an online team-building logic game. 

To play, you must choose a starting topic and an ending topic, which you can choose yourself or have generated randomly. 

Each participant must begin on the Wikipedia page for the starting location and go to the final point in no more than five clicks. The concept is that because Wikipedia has so many internal connections, you should be able to trace a chain to the final point in under five clicks.

Five Clicks Away is challenging to begin with, but as you learn the structure of Wikipedia, the game becomes much simpler.

5: Lightning Scavenger Hunts

People host scavenger hunts in the real world at some of the world’s best venues because these hunts are a fun way to get your team to collaborate.

It’s more challenging to find that team spirit with virtual scavenger hunts. 

You may have game rules that require your team to search Google, Wikipedia, YouTube, and other websites without really cooperating. The key to a successful online scavenger hunt is to abandon the traditional and instead use a lightning variant. 

Fire off a quick stream of clues for Lightning Scavenger Hunts, which will have your team members racing to gather things, answer riddles, and get points.

The Bottom Line

It all comes down to this.

We have suggested these games so that you can identify which ones will better suit your colleagues’ pace and skills.

Once you figure that out, all of these games will look fun, and you will also enjoy playing them because they truly are the best.

So, for further questions, let us know in the comment box below, and we will come back to you with an answer.

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