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Complete Guide to Free Camping in the USA!

Camping is a great way to relax and have fun, especially on the weekends and after a stressful week. Hearing that there is free camping in the USA seems untrue, especially if you are already used to paying for your camping or are new to camping. The thought that you can take a van rental in Sarasota, research the camping site you want to go to, and be on your way without worrying about any hidden costs seems surreal. But, it is true.

We have over 28% Federally free land in the USA, which means it is a good camping spot. Worrying about paying money while camping no longer happens, and it gives you room to have fun. Many people have only picked a van rental Sarasota fl, carried the essential things they needed, and had the most incredible camping experience. So, read on for a free camping guide USA.

Reasons you should consider free camping.

It saves money

You may have researched how to find free camping in USA because you want to save money on camping or not. The truth is, paying for camping sites can be pretty expensive when everything adds up. Considering all the perks attached, you may think it does not cost much to pay around 80$ a night. But, the price could be costly if you are going with family or people and you also want to spend more than one night camping. So, choosing a free camping experience is better.


The majority of camp lovers are unaware of free camping USA. Some who are aware feel that it is too much of a risk or requires them to be tough. This translates to the few people who ultimately decide to take on free camping get to experience tranquility and solitude. Except you are camping with someone, you won’t easily see a camper close to you. You may also decide to take your van rental to Sarasota, fl, and choose a location far from the next town. Here, you get to enjoy your camping fully.

It gives room for spontaneity.

Most paid campsites require campers to book 6 to 12 months ahead of the time they want to camp. It means you can’t just decide on impulse that you want to go camping and be able to. Some of these sites also suggest several campers on the site, and the night will be rowdy. The advantage of this is that you get perks or amenities like a toilet near you when you would have to dig your pit toilet in free camping. It also means you can quickly access other campers around you. Choosing a free camping experience is better.

Questions for asking about your free camping area

Assuming you finally go on free camping and even have an idea about the area you want, depending on your needs, you should ask these questions.

  1. Is it crowded? There are some free camping sites that many people have explored and have an idea about, which means it can get crowded and uncomfortable for you if deciding on free camping is for tranquility.
  2. Ask if there is potable water, that is, water that is good enough for your drinking. If there isn’t, you should buy your water.
  3. If you want to take a van rental Sarasota for your RV camping or tent camping, you need to ask if these options are available. You should also ask if you need to hike into the camping location because some accessible camping areas don’t permit driving your vehicles to the site.
  4. Know the site’s terrain, flora, and fauna. You should know if it is sloppy and overexposes you to the sun. Also, be aware if there are basic amenities available for you that you will like.

Free camping sites

There are several free camping areas in USA, which sometimes means you get to enjoy nature and the environment for free. Some that you should check out are:

National forests

The government manages the first option, and it is accessible. You have the option of a Sarasota passenger van rental if you are traveling with someone or picking a single rental and driving up there. Sometimes, cars aren’t allowed in, but you will have a wonderful experience here for free.

National grasslands

You can drive up to any publicly owned national grasslands with your Sarasota van rental. We have 20 of them, which makes good camping spots.

State forests

The state manages them and is accessible to the public. It is a great place to start your free camping.


Starting free camping means you must conduct adequate research if you want a good experience. Hearing you don’t have to spend money on this camping and only having to pay for your van rental Sarasota, fl, maybe just the incentive you need to choose this option. Once you start, you won’t want to stop. If you have excess bags to carry for camping, you can always consider to drop them at Vertoe. Vertoe is the World’s leading short-term space provider. It is available in all major cities in the USA. If you are going for a camping site from Seattle, check luggage storage Seattle to get Vertoe options.

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