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Complete guide to different types of bracelets

Bracelets have been in existence forever. People have sported them as accessories on their wrists and they have been often looked at as status symbols. They have worn them as defensive arm guards during tough times as well. There is an overabundance of types of bracelets available today; shiny minimalist bangles, statement cuffs, ornate and intricate pieces decorated with pearls, charms, amulets and gemstones, each one helping uniquely make a statement, express a particular aesthetic, symbolize a style, represent a subculture, and each variety has its own origin and tradition.

Here are some of the varieties of bracelets available in the market today alongside their materials, characteristics, appeal and design. Read on to know more about the most comprehensive, ultimate guide on the types of bracelets.

Chain bracelets

These bracelets are mostly made using metallic links. The chain types can differ, with the most popular being standard cable chains that include interlocked oval links, curb chains, box chains, wheat chains, rope chains and Byzantine chains. The majority of chain bracelets are made using metals like silver, gold, or stainless steel, and occasionally plastic (acrylic, resin) or rarely using wood. All chain bracelets include closures since they are not stretchy or expandable and the most trendy chain bracelet closure variety is the lobster claw.

Pearl bracelets

The standard type of pearl bracelets had a series of real pearls, wherein every precious gem is independently knotted for additional safety. Other trendy designs incorporate multi-layered bracelets and tin cup pearl varieties. The majority of bracelets include cultured pearls, that contain saltwater and freshwater types (South Sea, Akoya, and Tahitian) in a broad range of colours (both dyed and natural). They often come in various colour types, with the most fashionable ones being the traditional white gems, champagne or ivory, peach, pink, darker and golden shades (Tahitian pearls), including silver, peacock, copper and almost-black. You can get your dream jewellery piece from the pearl bracelet collection of a reputed jewellery store as they are chic and modern, lustrous and stylish. Pearl bracelets actually stand the test of time. The exceptional versatility that a pearl bracelet has permits you to team up with casual denim, office outfits, or stylish evening dresses. There are the standard studs, drop earrings, and single pearl necklaces – it is your choice. Purchase the latest styles at a discounted price from a trustworthy retailer.

Bangle bracelets

Bangles are simple bracelets for daily use that are non-flexible, rigid, and normally in a circular design. Different from most bracelets, bangles do not include closures. There are two varieties; classic ones (closed) and open type bangles, [easier to suit a wide variety of sizes]. These bracelets are worn in numerous ways: you can sport them as an individual statement piece or layered one, wear them loose on your wrist, or high up on your arm, depending on your favourite style. They are normally made of metals and rarely made of glass, wood, stone or plastic materials.

Open bangle bracelets

They have a circular shape, with a tiny opening (or an overlay opening). They are rigid and sturdy, made using one metallic piece, or somewhat flexible like a beaded bracelet or design in shiny metals. Open bangles more often incorporate decorative elements. They include gems at every end, interlock designs or bar elements (appropriate for engraving). Check out this website for buying gold bracelets.  

Tennis bracelets

These bracelet varieties are generally eternity strands that feature diamonds. On the other hand, they come decorated with affordable gems like Cubic Zirconia too. The bracelets have a symmetrical design that incorporates connected gemstones over a metal chain or fixture that can be elasticated or rigid. The stones present in these bracelet varieties are typically the same colour and size. Identical to pearl bracelets, chain bracelets and classic bangles, tennis bracelets are believed to be an eternal jewellery piece that often ranks high in global appeal and versatility.

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